hello friends

my name is [ALEXIS]



native to Memphis, TN | currently based in Savannah, GA

follow me now & tell people you knew me before I was cool



> Monster Market. Online. 2021> MechaCon. New Orleans, LA. 2021> Monster Market. Online. 2020> AnniCon. Anniston, AL. 2020> Memphis Comic & Fantasy Con. Memphis, TN. 2019> Monster Market. Memphis, TN. 2019> MechaCon. New Orleans, LA. 2019> OMG!Con. Owensboro, KY. 2019> Art In the Park. Memphis, TN. 2019> MidSouthCon. Memphis, TN. 2019> CoastCon. Biloxi, MS. 2019> AnniCon. Anniston, AL. 2019> Memphis Comic & Fantasy Con. Memphis, TN. 2018> Memphis Comic Expo. Memphis, TN. 2018> Spa-Con. Hot Springs, AR. 2018> MechaCon. New Orleans, LA. 2018> OMG!Con. Owensboro, KY. 2018> MobiCon. Mobile, AL. 2018> MidsouthCon. Memphis, TN. 2018> AnniCon. Anniston, AL. 2018> Memphis Comic & Fantasy Con. Memphis, TN. 2017> Hallowcon. Little Rock, AR. 2017> Spa-Con. Hot Springs, AR. 2017> Let’s Play Gaming Expo. Irving, TX. 2017> MechaCon. New Orleans, LA. 2017> OMG!Con. Owensboro, KY. 2017> MomoCon. Atlanta, GA. 2017> CEO Dreamland. Orlando, FL. 2017> AnniCon. Anniston, AL. 2017> Memphis Pop Festival. Memphis, TN. 2017> CoastCon. Biloxi, MS. 2017> Memphis Comic & Fantasy Con. Memphis, TN. 2016> Wizard World Austin. Austin, TX. 2016> Delta Fan Fest. Memphis, TN. 2016> Memphis Comic Expo. Memphis, TN. 2016> MechaCon. New Orleans, LA. 2016> AnniCon. Anniston, AL. 2016> CoastCon. Biloxi, MS. 2016> Geekonomicon. Biloxi, MS. 2015> Bachelor of Fine Arts SPRING 2015 Exhibition: Memphis College of Art, Memphis, TN. 2015> Composed: 2015 Graduate Exhibition: Crosstown Arts, Memphis, TN. 2015> Intersections of Typography. Memphis, TN. 2015> Addy Awards Exhibition: Peabody Hotel, Memphis, TN. 2015> Memphis Comic Expo. Memphis, TN. 2014> Art of Papermaking: Tsunami Gallery. Memphis, TN. 2014> Memphis Gunned Down: Rust Hall. Memphis, TN. 2014> Levitt Shell Exhibition: Lower Gallery. Memphis, TN. 2013> No Exit Gallery: Memphis, TN. 2012